Air Canada's new stock will begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on October 4, the airline announced Thursday.

The shares of Air Canada's new parent company, ACE Aviation Holdings, will be listed under the ticker symbol "ACE.b."

The restricted voting shares will be listed as "ACE.rv."

The Toronto Stock Exchange said it plans to eventually add suffixes to all stock symbols with "non-conventional" voting structures to let investors know what kind of shares they own.

Air Canada's old common shares were delisted from the TSX on Aug. 25, more than 16 months after the airline filed for bankruptcy protection. On their last dayof trading, they closed at 6 cents.

The airline cautioned investors repeatedly over the last year that its old shares would likely become worthless as a result of its restructuring.

And they did. Under terms of the restructuring that was eventually approved by the courts, existing shareholders of Air Canada's common stock will see their old shares consolidated into the new shares at a ratio of one new ACE share for 11,894 old Air Canada shares.

Air Canada's creditors agreed to the restructuring plan in return for almost 46 per cent of the equity in ACE Aviation Holdings. They will also have the option of buying up to an additional 42 per cent of the airline's equity.

A little more than 9 per cent of the stock is set aside for Cerberus Capital Management, the New York-based venture capital firm that is investing $250 million in the airline. Air Canada's senior managers could get 3 per cent of the stock if they exercise options.