Molson Canada's Montreal brewery will get a $2-million upgrade, sparked by the company's decision to begin producing Coors Blue Moon unfiltered wheat ale for the U.S. in late May.

"This transfer of Blue Moon volume to the Montreal brewery is the first phase of a larger plan to move more volume to our Canadian breweries," said Daniel Pelland, the chief brewing officer for Molson Canada.

The company said the brewery improvements in Montreal will increase the plant's productivity and efficiency.

The Blue Moon beer produced in Montreal will be in addition to the current Memphis brewery production volume. The extra production is required due to fast-paced growth of the brand in the U.S. market and the additional volume required for summer, Molson Canada said.

"This volume transfer to the Montreal brewery is great news for our members," said Guy Deslauriers, a spokesperson for Molson's employee union. "We are pleased to experience first-hand the positive impact of the Molson-Coors merger."

Molson and Coors joined forces earlier this year to form the world's fifth-largest beer company.