Mediated talks fail to end truckers' strike at Vancouver port

Mediated talks between truckers and their employers at Vancouver port break down, strike continues.

Mediated talks to end a labour dispute between truckers and their employers at the Port of Vancouver broke down on Tuesday.

The Vancouver Container Truck Association blamed the companies for the failed negotiations. The association's Paul Uppal said the employers are focused on competing against themselves at the truckers' expense.

Uppal said the talks collapsed despite mediator Vince Ready's best efforts.

About 1,000 container truckers have been off the job since June 27.

The major issue is a rise in the cost of fuel, for which drivers have said they aren't being compensated. They said it costs $350 a day to run a truck but that they are paid between $300 and $400 a day.

While the port remains open, it's estimated the shutdown is stalling the movement of more than $200 million worth of goods through the Vancouver waterfront every week.

The Vancouver Port Authority has said that about 40 per cent of all containerized cargo that moves through the port moves by truck. The port also has rail service, which is still moving.

Ready was appointed last week by the governments of Canada and B.C. to help negotiate a resolution.