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Lululemon says more than 185,000 tops have drawstrings that could be dangerous. Anyone with one is requested to contact the company and find a new non-elastic drawstring. (Richard Lam/Canadian Press)

Lululemon is recalling more than 185,000 jackets, hoodies, tops, tunics and pullovers in Canada alone because the drawstrings can snap back if pulled, and possibly injure wearers in the face.

The Vancouver-based maker of yoga, running and other athletic wear says it is aware of at least five incidents and injuries related to the tops' use.

The recall was issued jointly with Health Canada and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

​The tops were made in Bangladesh, China, Indonesia or Peru, and were primarily sold prior to 2014. The company says there are about 133,288 of the affected tops in the United States and 185,191 in Canada.

The tops come in a variety of colours and styles, including:

  • Carry and Go Hoodie.
  • Cool Down Jacket.
  • Course-ette Jacket.
  • Cozy Up Jacket.
  • Dance Studio Jacket.
  • Dance Sweat Shirt.
  • Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover.
  • Gratitude Wrap.
  • Necessity Jacket.
  • Proactive Jacket.
  • Refresh Snap Up.
  • Run Sun Blocker Pullover.
  • Run Track N Field Jacket.
  • Run With It Jacket.
  • Sanctuary Jacket.
  • Savasana Tunic.
  • Sing, Floss, Travel Jacket.
  • Stow'N Go Jacket.
  • Stride Jacket.
  • Summertime Tunic.
  • Varsity Hoodie.
  • Victory Jacket.
  • Wear With All Jacket.

"Consumers should stop wearing the tops with the elastic draw cord and either remove the draw cord or contact lululemon athletica to request a new, non-elastic draw cord with written instructions on how to replace the draw cord," the company said in a release.