His long-term partner gets all the attention for her looks, but now the iconic Ken doll is getting a makeover.

After producing the toy for more than five decades with the same basic body structure, Mattel is introducing 15 new versions of its Ken doll, looks that include new skin tones, body shapes and hair styles.

Barbie got a similar treatment about a year ago, and the move to makeover Ken is part of the toymaker's plan to market the dolls to a new diverse group of children and collectors.

The new Barbies had their desired effect last year as the line saw double-digit sales increases globally after years of stagnation.

"The Barbie brand has always reflected the times, so modernizing Ken is the next step in the brand's evolution to offer more diverse products," the California-based company said in a release.

The new doll comes with three basic body types: slim, broad and original. But each body type comes with many other options, including seven skin tones, eight hair colours, nine hairstyles and modern fashions.

So if Cactus Cooler Ken and his man bun isn't your speed, perhaps Plaid On Point Ken and his close-cropped hair is more to your liking. Or if Classic Cool Ken doesn't have enough meat on his bones, consider his huskier alter ego, Super Stripes Ken.

The new dolls will be available immediately, Mattel said.