Goldman Sachs chairman Lloyd Blankfein saw his compensation increase last year.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs saw his compensation increase to $23 million US last year, up slightly from $21 million in 2012.

According to regulatory filings, Lloyd Blankfein was awarded $14.6 million in stock options by the bank. Goldman typically gives its CEO a compensation package that's 70 per cent stock-based and 30 per cent cash, which suggests he's in line for a $6 million bonus (although the bank has yet to officially reveal that.)

If that ratio holds true, on top of his $2 million base salary, he will have been paid $23 million to be the bank's CEO last year. 

Goldman's shares gained more that 40 per cent on the NYSE last year.

The pay increase pales in comparison to the compensation Blankfein received before the 2008 financial crisis. In 2007, his total compensation was worth almost $70 million.

Last week, Goldman Sachs rival JPMorgan revealed it paid its CEO Jamie Dimon $20 million last year, a 74 per cent increase from 2012's level.