If you ever had a bank account you have forgotten about for more than 10 years, the Bank of Canada wants to help you find your money. The central bank is offering Internet search help for unclaimed balances at http://www.bankofcanada.ca/en/ucb/index.html

By law, bank balances that have been left for more than 10 years are transferred to the Bank of Canada. At the end of November, $132 million from about 770,000 unclaimed accounts were being held by the bank.

The oldest untouched account dates back to 1900. Accounts with more than $500 are indefinitely retained, those with less are held for 20 years.

The search help covers savings and chequing accounts, bank drafts, certified cheques and travellers' cheques.

If you find one of your old accounts, the website will tell you how you can claim it.

Information on unclaimed balances can also be arranged by mail from the the Unclaimed Balances Services, Bank of Canada, Ottawa K1A 0G9.