The Bank of Canada is warning Canadians not to fall for an email scam that tries to extort money or personal information using its name.

In a press release Tuesday, it says the scams on email and social media are using its name, logos and letterhead without authorization.

It is warning consumers that it does not:

  • Accept deposits from individuals.
  • Collect personal or financial information via email.
  • Request personal or financial information through social media.

People should not follow any links included in social media or email messages purported to be from the Bank of Canada, the bank said.

Anyone who receives such a message should delete it and contact local authorities.

The Bank of Canada is the country's central bank, meaning it sets monetary policy, issues currency and works to keep the financial system stable. The only deposits it handles are from government and financial institutions.

The real Bank of Canada can be contacted at or at its Public Information Office at 1-800-303-1282,

Last year, some Canadians were taken in by fraudsters who pretended to be from the Canada Revenue Agency and demanded "back taxes."

Cyber-criminals are increasingly sophisticated in trying to dupe users to extort money or give up personal information that can help them break into bank accounts or credit cards.