Chrysler recalls 42,380 SUVs in Canada for brake corrosion

Chrysler is recalling 870,000 SUVs worldwide (including 42,000 in Canada) because corrosion may make the vehicles' brakes harder to use.
Chrysler is recalling 870,000 SUVs for problems with brake corrosion. This 2012 model year Jeep Grand Cherokee is included. (The Associated Press)

Chrysler is recalling nearly 870,000 SUVs, including 42,380 in Canada, because corrosion may make the brakes on the vehicles harder to use.

The recall includes Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge DurangoSUVs from the 2011 through 2014 model years.

Chrysler said it launched an investigation after receiving customer feedback about excessive brake-pedal firmness.

"The investigation discovered certain vehicles have brake boosters with small crimp joints and these joints may exhibit corrosion when exposed to water," Chrysler said. "Should water enter the boosters through corroded joints — a previously unseen occurrence — brake function may be compromised if the water freezes."

The company knows of one accident, but no injuries, due to the defect. Dealers will install a shield to protect the boosters for free and replace boosters that aren't working properly.

Chrysler has since changed the design to make the boosters more corrosion resistant.

Chrysler will notify owners of the recall, which involves 867,795 vehicles. That includes 644,354 in the United States, 21,376 in Mexico and 159,685 in other countries outside the NAFTA region.