Former prime minister Jean Chrétien has been named as senior international adviser to Ivanhoe Mines and its affiliated companies, the Vancouver-based international mineral developer announced Wednesday.


Ivanhoe 3-month TSX chart

Chrétien will provide advisory services to Ivanhoe Capital Corp.'s affiliates through a contract with Global Mining Management, a private service company based in Vancouver.

Global Mining is jointly owned by several companies, including: Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. and its subsidiaries, SouthGobi Energy Resources Ltd. and Ivanhoe Australia Ltd.; as well as Ivanhoe Energy Inc. and the privately held Ivanhoe Nickel & Platinum Ltd.

Chrétien has been active in Canadian and global development circles as a lawyer with the Canada-based international law firm, Heenan Blaikie, since retiring from politics in 2003.

"Jean Chrétien was instrumental in advancing relationships between many Canadian businesses and rapidly industrializing China and its neighbour nations through his hands-on, prime ministerial leadership of a series of successful Team Canada trade development missions," said Ivanhoe executive chairman Robert Friedland.

"We believe that Mr. Chrétien's experience and knowledge will be a prime asset in assisting the Ivanhoe companies to continue to build their businesses through opportunities that will be encountered in the energy and mineral resource sectors around the world during what is becoming the Asian Century," Friedland added.

Ivanhoe Mines, an international mining and exploration company, is focused on mining, development and exploration projects in the Asia Pacific region, including Mongolia, China, Australia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and the Philippines.