It's Halloween on Wednesday, and while the remnants of hurricane Sandy are threatening to make it a cold, wet and windy evening across much of the eastern part of the country, the annual candy and fright-festival is doubtless going to be as popular as ever. 

To mark the occasion, the numbers-obsessed folks at Statistics Canada have compiled a list of some surprising Halloween-related numbers:

  • 3,734,401 — Number of trick-or-treating aged kids in Canada, which the agency defines as those between five and 14 years old.
  • 13.3 million — the number of Canadian households across Canada that could potentially be mined for candy.
  • $21.6 million — the total value of all costumes manufactured in Canada last year.
  • 88,400 tonnes — the amount of pumpkins grown in Canada last year.
  • 100 — the number of businesses across Canada in the costume-renting business.
  • $355.9 million — the amount of candy sold across Canada last October.
  • $276.2 million — the average amount of candy sold across Canada in other months.
  • 850 — the number of Canadians who reported that they were Satanists in 2001, up from 340 in 1991.
  • 9,575 — the number of Canadians who reported their religion as "Wicca" in 2001.