Bombardier's train division has won a $665 million contract to supply 90 electric regional commuter trains to a German transit company, which will operate them in the Frankfurt area, Bombardier said Friday.

The 430-series trains will be sold to DB Regio, a subsidiary of German transportation giant Deutsche Bahn AG, which operates in 130 countries. DB Regio won a tender for the Rhein-Main rapid transit network in November. The Rhein-Main region includes Frankfurt and other cities.

The 430 trains are four-car electric multiple units which can accelerate rapidly and reach speeds of up to 140 km/h.

They have 24 electric swivel-sliding doors, can accommodate bicycles, have indirect LED lighting and are joined by walkways.

The first train is expected to be delivered in 2014, Bombardier said.

Production of 87 units of the 430-series trains has begun for delivery to the Stuttgart region.

Bombardier B shares closed up 14 cents to $3.86 in TSX trading.