Bombardier Transportation is supplying 18 Innovia automated people mover vehicles to Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Ariz. ((Bombardier))

Bombardier Transportation has signed a contract for a new North American automated people mover system, the company said Tuesday.

The $255 million US deal involves supplying and maintaining 18 driverless Innovia vehicles for the 3.5 kilometre transit system at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Ariz.

Bombardier Transportation’s plant in Pittsburgh will design and build the vehicles.

The contract includes $186 million to design and build the system's electrical and mechanical equipment, and the construction and equipping of a maintenance facility, and $69 million for operation and maintenance services for 10 years.

Completion of the first stage of the system — linking the airport light rail stop, parking and the terminal that handles 80 per cent of the airport's traffic — is scheduled for 2012.

A second stage, continuing through the airport to a car rental location, is set for 2020, the airport said.

Phoenix is the 23rd airport to select Bombardier automated people mover technology.

Bombardier Class B stock rose two cents to $3.71 in TSX trading.