Apple Apps

The weakening Canadian dollar is prompting a price hike for Apple apps in Canada. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Get your 99 cent apps while you can, iPhone and iPad users.

Apple will soon hike the prices in its App Store for Canadian customers, according to an email sent to software developers.

The email, sent out on Wednesday, said the unspecified price increase in Canada, Norway and European Union countries would take effect within 36 hours.

The email also specified that prices in Iceland would go down for the same reasons — "adjustments in … tax rates and foreign exchange rates."

A spokeswoman for Apple would not comment further on the price changes.

It's unknown how much prices will increase and if all products in the App Store are affected.

The company made a similar move in other countries in March of last year, telling app developers then that prices would rise in India, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa but fall in Israel and New Zealand "to account for changes in foreign exchange rates."

With files from CBC News