Apple has bought a small Toronto-based startup that specializes in keeping up-to-date information on local businesses for inclusion in its mapping software, Apple Maps.

Mutiple media reports suggest Cupertino, Calif.- based Apple has bought Toronto-based Locationary, its technology and staff, for an undisclosed sum.

Apple has faced criticism for the way it removed Google Maps from the last version of its iPhone smartphone, trying to compel people to use Apple's proprietary mapping software.

But that service started out poorly, with users complaining it directs them to the wrong place, to a place that doesn't exist, or to the correct place via a nonsensical route.

After the high-profile fumble for the company, Apple took the unprecedented  step of publicly apologizing for it and vowing to address the concerns. "We’re putting all of our energy into making it right," CEO Tim Cook said last year.

Acquiring Locationary appears to be part of that plan. The company's technology is a type of crowd sourcing for companies, whereby the company can track whether any given business is in fact where the map software says it is and hasn't moved, and whether it is open at any given time.

Neither Apple nor Locationary immediately replied to a request for details on the deal from CBC News. Two years ago, Locationary secured $2.5 million in startup funding from various angel investors.