Air Canada has signed a deal to raise $260 million in new capital.

The airline will sell 160.5 million units priced at $1.62 each to raise money for day-to-day activities. 


Air Canada has landed a deal to raise $260M in new capital.

Sellers led by Genuity Capital Markets and TD Securities Inc. have bought the units in advance, meaning they will shoulder any costs if they can't be sold.  

The companies also have the option of buying up to 24.1 million more units if they have demand.  That would raise another $39 million for the airline.  

Each unit will include one class B voting share or one class A variable voting share, plus half a warrant.  A warrant gives the buyer the right to purchase a share for $2.20 for three years after the offering closes. Both the Air Canada class A and class B shares were trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange Tuesday at $1.84.  

Earlier this year, some analysts expressed concern Air Canada would have to seek court protection from creditors because it was running short of cash, but in July the airline successfully raised $1.02 billion.