Industry Minister James Moore announced another auction of wireless spectrum in Vancouver on Friday.

Wireless spectrum is the airwaves over which digital information travels.

Moore announced that the government will auction the rights to use the 2,500-MHz band of spectrum in April 2015. "This spectrum is ideal for delivering fast, reliable service," Moore said.

The auction will feature strict provisions on transferring the rights to use spectrum to other providers, Moore said. And the auction will come with strict conditions to ensure carriers who obtain licences must put them to use quickly or lose them.

The deadline to apply to bid will be in November of this year. The auction itself will start on April 14, 2015.

It's the latest in a series of spectrum auctions, including the 2008 auction that led to the creation of several new cellphone companies.

Moore said the 2,500-MHz spectrum is ideal for next-generation technology that will cover faster connections.

Friday's announcement is separate from another spectrum auction slated to start next Tuesday, of spectrum in the 700-MHz frequency.

"The rules for this auction, like those for the upcoming 700 MHz auction, were designed to support more choice in our wireless market while putting the interests of consumers first," Moore said.

With files from The Canadian Press