Average-looking guys more trustworthy, survey says

Throw out your moulding wax boys - a new study on masculinity suggests women trust average-looking guys more than overly coiffed and manscaped men.

Throw out your molding wax boys — a new study on masculinity suggests women trust average-looking guys more than overly coiffed and manscaped men.

The Canadian Club MANners Survey, released Tuesday, found that overall, only 17 per cent of Canadians trust good-looking fellows. Average-looking women were found to be most trustworthy, at 36 per cent, followed by average men, unattractive people, then good-looking women followed by attractive men.

The survey, commissioned by Canadian Club Whisky and executed by Ketchum Global Research Network and MARC Research, surveyed 1,030 Canadians and Americans over the phone.

Men with good manners are more likely to impress a gal than those who eat their dinner with a butter knife, the study suggests.  

The study found that eight out of 10 Canadians, including 86 per cent of women, believe that mannered men are more physically attractive than those lacking in the manners department.

"We're hoping that the MANners Survey becomes an annual barometer for issues facing every Canadian guy in the throes of finding love, impressing the fairer sex, and living life to the fullest," said Dorene Wharton, marketing director at Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc., in a release.

"Women have clearly stated that what impresses them is a man with timeless style. And if he's got a drink in hand, it's sophisticated and masculine — and a classic drink in a rocks glass is at the top of their list."

Classic drinks most masculine

Perhaps not surprising for a study commissioned by a whisky company, the study found that almost half of respondents, at 45 per cent, agree that a classic drink in a rocks glass is the most masculine and sophisticated, followed by a bottle of beer at 24 per cent.

Four per cent of Canadians cited a Cosmopolitan or Martini-style drink as the most manly.

Other survey findings include:

  • Two-thirds of Americans said women tend to judge men based on their possessions, compared to six in 10 Canadians.
  • Forty-four per cent of Canadian men have accepted a woman's phone number without any intention of calling her.
  • Forty-seven per cent of Canadian women have given out fake digits.
  • Almost three in 10 Canadian men have "bent the truth" in order to pick someone up at a bar.