A British museum is looking to spark the creation of an interesting art installation by calling for an artist to live isolated in its tower next summer.

The Manchester Museum, opened in the 1880s on the University of Manchester campus, has issued a posting seeking a new resident artist.

However, the unusual gig will include being closed up inside the museum's Gothic tower for six to eight weeks in late spring and summer.

The chosen applicant will have first access to the museum's collection of more than four million objects and artifacts, as well as the facility's expert staffers, in order to create new artworks.

"We are looking for an inspirational and quirky artist who will bring the tower to life through their work," curator David Gelsthorpe said in a statement.

Despite living alone in the tower, the artist will not be totally alone, as organizers are setting up a variety of ways he or she can communicate with the outside "so that the wider world can be involved in the project. It should be one of the most exciting and fun things to happen at the museum in years," Gelsthorpe said. The job is open to those with a background in either visual or performing art.

The museum is accepting applications until Jan. 19, with interviews for the finalists slated for early February.

The "hermit" residency is scheduled to begin in May.