Bramwell Tovey, conductor of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, will lead orchestra members as they record the national anthems of 100 countries. (Tyler Boye/Vancouver Symphony Orchestra)

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra begins a big recording project Monday for the 2010 Olympic Games.

The 73-piece orchestra, conducted by Bramwell Tovey, will record 100 national anthems, to be played when athletes win gold for their countries at the Vancouver Winter Games.

The VSO will be recording instrumental versions of anthems ranging from Advance Australia Fair, the anthem Australia adopted in 1984, to La Marseillaise, which France named as its anthem in 1795.

It is planning a sneak preview of the recording session for the press in the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey, B.C., Monday.

Over the past few months, producer Hal Beckett has been sifting through versions of anthems, seeking instrumental arrangements that will stir national pride.

The version of O Canada to be recorded Monday was arranged by a member of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

But some national anthems, from countries such as Madagascar and Ethiopia, require new arrangements because they weren't designed to be performed by a full 73-piece orchestra, Beckett told the Vancouver Sun.

A full list of participating countries won't be drafted until closer to the Games.

The Vancouver Olympic Games will be held Feb. 12-28, 2010.

The VSO won a Grammy this year for a recording it made with violinist James Ehnes.