A seductive new soul singer from across the pond, a funky Canadian mixing genres and a reclusive Grammy-winner channelling a '70s-inspired sound feature in CBC host Tom Power's weekly spotlight on new music.

Selling out venues after a recent Saturday Night Live gig, soft-spoken Sam Smith is taking North America by storm. The British singer's new album In the Lonely Hour is straight soul: full of loss, longing, a preacher's fire as well as the seduction of Casanova, says Power.

Meanwhile, Tanzanian-Canadian singer Alysha Brilla incorporates many different musical genres and styles in her album In My Head: the wide range of world music that she grew up with, the jazz for which she's become known plus injections of rock, soul and funk.

Finally, despite his reclusive nature and time away from the spotlight — living in a remote farmhouse, rarely giving interviews or live performances — American singer-songwriter Ray Lamontagne's legion of fans eagerly await new work by the Grammy-winner. In his upcoming album Supernova, Lamontagne departs from his earlier sound by teaming up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys to create dreamy, psychedelic soul.

Watch the attached video to check out excerpts of music from Sam Smith, Alysha Brilla and Ray Lamontagne.