Bluegrass prodigies, "desert disco" rock and a soulful artist's reworking of a hit dance track take the spotlight in CBC host Tom Power's weekly look at new music.

Several years ago, a preacher predicted that the world would end on May 20, 2011. His failed prophecy inspired the bluegrass prodigies of Nickel Creek to reunite after a lengthy hiatus. The group's new album A Dotted Line is filled with music that celebrates the fact that we're still here, thankful and living life.

New Jersey singer Nicole Atkins delivers serious rock 'n' roll swagger in her album Slow Phaser, which has been described as dark, desert disco. According to Power, if you like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and Janis Joplin, give Atkins a listen.

Former rapper, musician and singer-songwriter Aloe Black channels a retro, old school sound with his latest album, Lift Your Spirit, which pays tribute to legends such as Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. One of the tracks is a soulful reworking of Wake Me Up, the blockbuster Avicii dance track he co-wrote and sang vocals for.

Watch the attached video to check out excerpts of music from Nickel Creek, Nicole Atkins and Aloe Blacc.