The new star-studded film The Monuments Men, the real-life tale of art experts who helped save priceless treasures from the Nazis, is getting an international audience.

Featuring a cast including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett and John Goodman, the film is based on the book by Robert Edsel and is inspired by the real exploits of the Museum, Monuments and Fine Arts and Archives (MMFAA) section of the Allied army during the Second World War.

"The objective of my work... has been for these heroes’ stories to be known around the world, not just the United States. It's not known by the general public," Edsel, who first learned of the Monuments Men about 15 or 16 years ago, told CBC News.

"It's an uplifting story ...that we all should know about."

In the attached video, Edsel talks to CBC News about getting the story of The Monuments Men out worldwide and how their work continues today.