The Grand Seduction, an adaptation of Quebec comedy known as La Grande Séduction (2003), hits theatres this weekend in an hilarious tale by director Don McKellar.

Set in the fictional coastal Newfoundland town of Tickle Head, the film tells the story of a doctor who is lured into spending a month in a tiny harbour village.

The townspeople desperately want Dr. Lewis to remain permanently, so they can qualify for a bid that would bring new business — a large petroleum plant — to their area.

The comedy comes though as residents make every effort to ensure that their sleepy harbour is everything Dr. Lewis dreamed of. 

“I must say I was really titillated by doing a remake of a Quebecois film,” McKellar told CBC News.  

“These successful Quebecois films, if they work, usually it’s because it’s a solid comic premise.

The film features a cast of acclaimed actors, including 33-year-old Canadian star Taylor Kitsch, Irish actor Brendan Gleeson, and Canadian stars like Mary Walsh, Mark Critch, Gordon Pinsent and Cathy Jones.

Filming of the movie took place over a two-year span in the Trinity area of Newfoundland and Labrador