J.J. Abrams's anticipated upcoming Star Trek movie will have an operatic opening, with a landmark world premiere set for the Sydney Opera House next month.

Movie and TV hitmaker Abrams and members of the film's cast will be on hand for the April 7 premiere, which will be hosted by Australian actor Eric Bana (who portrays the villain Nero in the movie), movie studio Paramount announced on Friday.

It will be the first time a movie premiere will take place inside the Sydney Opera House's central concert hall, with an expected 1,600 people to take in the screening.

Only three films have ever debuted at the famed Australian venue, which has several performances spaces of varying sizes.

Star Trek, based on Gene Roddenberry's enduring space exploration series, is a re-imagining of the tale that chronicles the early days of the original characters, most importantly human commander James T. Kirk and Spock, his friend and colleague hailing from the planet Vulcan.

Following the Sydney premiere, the film will hit the road for a world tour, debuting in a host of international cities throughout Europe and Asia.

The Alberta town of Vulcan, located southeast of Calgary, had also campaigned to host a premiere of the film, with actor Leonard Nimoy — who originated the role of Spock in the classic television series, its spin-off films and has a cameo in the upcoming installment — among the many who supported the idea.

"The people of my home planet of Vulcan are not happy about this. I won't say they're sad or upset because that would express emotion, but they think it's illogical that somehow Paramount could not arrange to get a screening of the movie up there in Vulcan," the actor quipped in an interview this week.

"The people of Vulcan deserve their day in the sun."

Star Trek will be released to North American theatres on May 8.