Hundreds of authors, including Stephen King, have signed a letter telling Amazon to stick to the corporate backroom as it negotiates for cheaper e-books and leave them out of its dispute with a U.S. publisher.
In a "Dear Readers" letter, the Amazon Book Team bemoans the state of negotiations with the Hachette Book Group and seeks help from readers.

The online book seller provides an email address for the Hachette CEO and suggests talking points for crafting an argument in Amazon's favour.

Amazon says in the letter that authors are divided on the issue of pushing for cheaper e-books.

Author Douglas Preston has taken issue with the way negotiations are unfolding and is behind another letter signed by more than 900 authors that asks Amazon to resolve its dispute with Hachette "without further hurting authors."

He claims Amazon is using authors as leverage in the negotiations by blocking the sale of books by Hachette authors.
Preston's letter asks readers to email Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to "tell them what you think."

Click here to listen to an interview with Preston on CBC Radio's As It Happens.