Greek police have recovered artifacts stolen from the ancient Olympics museum in February and arrested three suspects in the armed robbery.

Authorities arrested three men after one of the suspects attempted to sell a valuable piece of the stolen haul to an undercover police officer — a Bronze Age ring, more than 3,000 years old.


Police arrested three men after one of the suspects tried to sell this Bronze Age ring, stolen from the museum, to an undercover officer. (Reuters)

According to police, the remaining artifacts — including dozens of bronze and clay figurines, vases, lamps and rare objects — were later found buried in a field.

"All the items were recovered," Lina Mendoni, general secretary of the Greek culture ministry, told media. "Next week they will regain their place at the museum."

In February, a pair of armed robbers burst into the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Olympia, located approximately 320 km west of Athens.

The thieves bound the lone staff member on site and smashed display cases with hammers to snatch dozens of rare antiquities. However, officials described the thieves as poorly informed, as they asked the immobilized guard where to find pieces that were not part of the museum's display.

At the time of the theft, which came shortly after another major museum heist from the National Gallery in Athens, then-Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos submitted his resignation. However, it was not accepted and he was allowed to continue in the role.