Comedian Steve Patterson, host of CBC Radio’s The Debaters, is taking a comic stab at the current Senate spending scandal.

“I feel blessed,” Patterson told the CBC’s Jelena Adzic in an interview when asked about how the current news is helping him find the funny.

Patterson has a new job at CBC’s Radio One – producing weekly spots that riff on the news of the week.This week , the Senate is front and centre on 90 Seconds with Steve Patterson.

Patterson said he’d love to send a thank you card to Mike Duffy “every time he opens his mouth.”  The comedian then added he would also send cards to Toronto's embattled mayor Rob Ford, who has been denying that he's a crack cocaine user.

On Thursday, the city's police chief Bill Blair announced his department had recovered a video of the mayor which the chief says is consistent with the video reported by the media — an apparent reference to the alleged video of the mayor smoking crack cocaine that Ford has denied exists.

Meanwhile, senators Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau have been under a microscope over inappropriate expense claims.

Duffy has been in the news of late after revealing some surprising allegations, saying he received not one cheque related to ineligible expenses he claimed, but "at least two" via the Prime Minister's Office.

In a strongly worded speech earlier this week, Duffy explained that not only had the prime minister's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, given him $90,000 to repay his housing claims, but the Conservative Party's lawyer had transferred $13,500 to Duffy's lawyer.

That second cheque, Duffy told the Senate, was to pay the legal fees run up as he finessed a cover story with the PMO that he was voluntarily repaying money using a personal loan from his own bank.

“I would never want [Duffy] looking after my interests,” deadpanned Patterson.

Questioned about possible future jobs for the former newsman, Patterson suggested that Duffy would make the perfect villain in the next Batman movie:“I don’t think he has any other skills.”