A new movie version of George Orwell’s famous novel 1984 may be in the works, with artist Shepard Fairey possibly in the role of producer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Fairey was working with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard of Imagine Entertainment to secure the rights to the novel from Orwell’s estate.  When they learned Julie Yorn of LBI Entertainment was simultaneously working towards the same goal, they decided to approach the project together, according to the Reporter.

The group is currently looking for writers before approaching a studio, according to the entertainment industry website.

Fairey is a graphic and graffiti artist who was first known for his iconic Andre the Giant posters in the skateboarding and graffiti communities before the world came to know him as the man who was sued by AP for his poster of Barack Obama.

1984 tells the story of a dystopian world that is perpetually in a state of war. Individual freedoms are suppressed in order for the upper political class to retain control of the population.  Protagonist Winston Smith works at the Ministry of Truth revising newspaper articles to align with the regime's current political outlook, but beneath his outward allegiances to the regime he experiences personal conflict.

The novel was first published in 1949. The most recent film version came out in 1984, according to the Reporter.