Kim Cattrall, the actress best known for playing the sensual 'Samantha' on Sex and the City, stars in a new series called Sensitive Skin.

In it, she plays an aging former actress and model going through a mid-life crisis.

At the show's launch party Thursday in Toronto, the 57-year-old told CBC Arts Reporter Zulekha Nathoo that she was drawn to the project because it addressed aging in a humorous way.

"I was just struck by how original it was, it was really a fresh voice. I'd never heard this story line told before especially in a comedic vein."

Cattrall also feels it's important for woman to have more things to watch on TV.

"I don't feel served as an audience. I see shows but they're mostly male-oriented and there's lots of violence."

The half-hour comedy Sensitive Skin premieres Sunday on HBO Canada.

Be sure to watch the video above in which Cattrall talks about her instincts in making good TV.