Based on the true-life tale of rival race car drivers, swashbuckling James Hunt and cool customer Niki Lauda, Rush is the latest from director-producer Ron Howard.

One of the Hollywood blockbusters shown at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, the movie captures the pair's gladiator-like showdown that made the 1976 Formula One season infamous. It also revisits the excitement and dangers of the sport during that era.

“It's crazy to think they would step out on the track and for entertainment there was a twenty percent risk they were going to die, each time they got in a car,” Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Hunt, told CBC News earlier this month.

“That was fascinating as far as what kind of personality is attracted to that. These guys, like James, the character I play, would continually search for that high, adrenalin-fuelled existence in everything he did. And become addicted to it.”

In the attached video, Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl, co-star Olivia Wilde and Howard talk with CBC News about what they learned about the daredevil world of 1970s race car driving through the making of Rush.