Alt-pop singer-songwriter and musician Royal Wood offers up mellow and introspective tracks as well as others that are upbeat and inspired in his latest album The Burning Bright.

The new release, his follow-up to 2012's notable We Were Born to Glory, originated with his collapsing marriage to fellow singer Sarah Slean and a subsequent, soul-searching retreat to an Irish cabin.

There, he inevitably channelled his feelings into music, but The Burning Bright was also inspired by a later trip to sunny Los Angeles to work with new collaborators.

"The response has been amazing," he told CBC News. "Even if people don't like it, I went to some place I needed to go."

In the attached video, the Toronto-based artist talks to CBC's Laura Thompson about being honest — and perhaps going to uncomfortable places — with his new music, loving his career again and making art for art's sake.