Quebec actors Philippe Bergeron, right, and Christian Laurin, centre, will appear with James Gandolfini on Sunday's final season premiere of The Sopranos. ((Craig Blankenhorn/HBO))

TV hit The Sopranos has featured a lot of profanity over the years, but on Sunday, the acclaimed drama's mob-boss protagonist will get a taste of some cursing in another language: joual.

Sunday's episode — the debut instalment of the show's final season — features Quebec actors Philippe Bergeron and Christian Laurin portraying a pair of baddies from La Belle Province seeking to associate with James Gandolfini's now iconic New Jersey mob boss character, Tony Soprano.

The pair put on thick French-Canadian accents to play thetwo thugs, who by conversing in Quebec's famous slang, joual, end up infuriating Soprano.

French-Canadians 'ripe' to playbad guys

Bergeron says it's time that French-Canadian villains get some face-time on American television.

"We're so ripe for bad guys," said the Montreal-born, Los Angeles-based actor.

"We've seen British bad guys, French, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian — but we've never seen a French-Canadian," he said, adding that he's "very proud to have my stamp on this character."

The 47-year-old Bergeron, who has worked in Hollywood for the past 20 years, also helped the show's writers shape the dialogue for the two characters.

He was originally enlisted as a sort of consultant, after being recommended by a fellow Québécois working in a Beverly Hills dental office where a Sopranos producer is a patient.

At first, writer and producer Andrew Schneider was simply seeking some advice from Bergeron in order to give an authentic flavour to the two petty thugs.Eventually though, Bergeron decided to audition and scored the more significant of the two parts himself.

In the past few weeks, the buzz over the final nine episodes of The Sorpanos has risen to a frenzy, as critics and fans eagerly await the final chapter of the Emmy Award-winning tale.

Sunday's final season premiere will be broadcast on the Movie Network in Canada and on HBO in the U.S.