Martin Sheen, star of Apocalypse Now and The West Wing, has teamed up with his son, Emilio Estevez for The Way, an indie film soon to have its commercial release.

Sheen plays a father who is grieving for his son and who decides to complete the Camino de Santiago, a 700-km pilgrimage through France and Spain that ends at the cathedral where the remains of Saint James are believed to be buried. He walks alongside other pilgrims, each of them with psychological journeys to complete. Sheen calls the role the best he's had in 30 years.

Estevez wrote, directed and produced The Way, saying the indie project allows him to break free of the demands of Hollywood.

The Bobby director and Sheen talked to Jim Brown, guest host of CBC's Q cultural affairs show, about The Way, reflecting on father-son relationships and how a pilgrimage can help change the perspective of the walkers.

Sheen and Estevez were together in Toronto this week, arriving by bus to promote the film, to be released Nov. 4. Just as director Kevin Smith did with Red State, Estevez and Sheen are handling distribution and marketing themselves, outside Hollywood’s traditional channels.