Another Mexican singer was found tortured and killed last week, authorities in Tijuana revealed on Wednesday.

Jesus Rey David Alfaro Pulido, a popular local performer known as El Gallito or The Little Rooster, and two members of his staff were found dead just south of the border from San Diego, Calif., prosecutors confirmed after rumours arose the bodies were found last week.

Left with the bodies were threatening notes about the execution-style killings.

The 26-year-old Alfaro is the latest victim in a wave of violent murders of Mexican singers, some of whom performed so-called narcocorridos, a genre of ballad that glorifies crime and the drug trade.

Since 2006, when Mexico began ramping up its campaign to stamp out drug trafficking close to the U.S. border, a host of Mexican singers, musicians and their crew have been tortured and killed.

Authorities believe that gangs are targeting singers associated with their rivals.

Valentine Elizalde was killed in Nov. 2006, for instance, after one of his songs — titled To My Enemies — became known as a sort of anthem for a drug lord.

In December 2007, over the course of just one week, three musicians were slain in different communities throughout Mexico: trumpeter Jose Luis Aquino, Grammy-nominated singer Sergio Gomez and singer Zyda Pena.

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