Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes attracted an all-star cast for his psychological thriller Red Lights, about an investigation into a reclusive psychic.

Sigourney Weaver plays a psychologist who debunks mystical frauds and Cillian Murphy is her assistant, while Robert De Niro plays the psychic. 

Cortes made his name with 2010′s Buried, starring Canada's Ryan Reynolds as a guy trapped in a coffin.

He talked to CBC’s Deana Sumanac the original shoot which took place in Toronto and the experience he wants an audience to have with his thriller.

Murphy said it was a thrill to work alongside De Niro and says the core of the film is an intelligent debate about the paranormal.

Initially bound for video release only, Red Lights now is getting limited release, out in Toronto Friday and headed to other screens later in the summer.