It's a little known chapter in the career of Canadian music legend Oscar Peterson — he played a series of private concerts and recorded some of his best work for a small German jazz label in the 1960s in the Black Forest.

Next week, Matthias Brunner-Schwer, son of the founder of record label MPS, is to remember Peterson’s close friendship with his father with a concert series.

Brunner-Schwer has footage and photos from Peterson’s recording session, many from the home in the small German city of Villingen where he grew up.

Canada’s Dave Young Trio is to reproduce some of Peterson’s repertoire in concerts organized by the German consulate in Montreal on Tuesday, Ottawa on Wednesday, and Toronto on Thursday, as Brunner-Schwer shares his memories of the jazz great.

Deana Sumanac reports on this fascinating piece of music history.


Montreal-born pianist Oscar Peterson waves after playing at the Montreal Forum July 8, 1984 in a star-studded concert that ended the Montreal International Jazz Festival. (Jean F. Leblanc/Canadian Press)