Just in time for creating last-minute holiday season playlists, CBC Radio 2 Morning host Tom Power highlights a few choice new box sets and special releases from veteran favourites.

Kicking off this week's picks is the massive Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection, Vol. 1, packed with 35 studio albums, six live albums as well as a playable USB harmonica that unveils even more extra content when plugged into your computer. It's a must-have for any Dylan devotee, Power says.

Great Big Sea fans might have been saddened to hear the beloved Canadian group is taking a hiatus beginning in January, but can console themselves with the band's multi-disc box set XX. Celebrating the band's 20 years together, the first disc is filled with folk songs, while the second showcases rock tracks. An accompanying DVD harkens back to the band's first tour through handheld video footage.

The four-disc box set Higher — complete with archival photos, posters, ticket stubs and more — delves into the funky world of Sly and the Family Stone, from its blockbuster hits such as Everyday People to lesser known and unreleased tracks left in the studio.

Fans eager for a Fleetwood Mac reunion tour can get warmed up with Rumours, a deluxe box set that includes the remastered original album as well as live performances and outtakes from the era.

Finally, a fitting tribute to The Velvet Underground's recently departed frontman Lou Reed is the band's 45th anniversary re-issue of the album White Light/White Heat as a special edition.

Watch the attached video to check out excerpts of music from Bob Dylan, Great Big Sea, Sly and the Family Stone, Fleetwood Mac and The Velvet Underground.