Tom Power, host of CBC Radio 2 Morning, shares his picks of three new and great releases, starting with Halifax-based singer-songwriter David Myles.

Myles is something of a Buddy Holly-lookalike. But folk roots and rock ‘n’ roll style aside, Myles’ big breakthrough came in 2012 when he collaborated with rapper Classified on the song Inner Ninja, which became one of the bestselling Canadian hip hop singles of all time. On his new album, In The Nighttime, Myles’ returns to his more typical storyteller mode.

Meanwhile, Janelle Monae’s storytelling transpires through carefully created alter egos. In the case of her new album, The Electric Lady, she writes songs and performs in the titular persona, who Power describes as “a mix of Prince, of Whitney Houston and Janis Joplin.” No coincidence, perhaps, as Prince also makes a guest appearance on a track.

Bluegrass-meets-rock hipsters (and Gap models) The Avett Brothers teamed up with producer Rick Rubin, best-known for popularizing hip-hop and metal artists, for their new recording Magpie and the Dandelion. It’s a move Power thinks is designed to take the band “from the traditional fringe into the mainstream.”

Watch the attached video to check out excerpts of new music from David Myles, Janelle Monae and The Avett Brothers.