Researchers working for the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (EMC) have had their open access to Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa revoked due to security concerns.

Those working for EMC have had an office in the library's building in downtown Ottawa since the encyclopedia project began 30 years ago.

Now, the national library says that it needs to "assure an ever-increasing level of security," according to a Globe and Mail article.

As of May 11, EMC workers must make a written application to see materials in its public room.

EMC editor in chief James Marsh told the newspaper that his staff are not a security risk:  "I told [the archives] … I'll gladly submit my people to the RCMP."

The EMC project had what Marsh called a "handshake agreement" with the archives to use its materials and to house the project.

The project is supported by the Historica Foundation, which also gets partial funding from the federal Department of Heritage.

Marsh says things were going well until archives head, historian Ian Wilson, was replaced three weeks ago by Daniel Caron, a civil servant.