In The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the latest instalment of the Shailene Woodley-led, teen-focused dystopian saga, the action is generic and the CGI overwhelming, but the movie's biggest problem is the script, says CBC's Eli Glasner.

After all the angst and action, the battle's finally over. Except it's not, because producers have split the finale into two, following in the footsteps of blockbuster franchises like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

​It's a pointless cash grab, stretching out a series with diminishing returns, says Glasner. 

Watch the video above for Glasner's complete review.

RATING: 2 out of 5 stars

Film Review The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Ansel Elgort, left, and Shailene Woodley appear in a scene from The Divergent Series: Allegiant. (Murray Close/Lionsgate/Associated Press)