Actor Michael Cera dropped a surprise 18-track, home-recorded album last week. (Carlo Allegri/Associated Press)

Canadian actor and musician Michael Cera dropped a surprise album last week, gaining some momentum after Superbad co-star Jonah Hill announced the release.

Released on Aug. 8,. the album went under the musical radar until Cera’s friend actor Jonah Hill linked to the album's bandcamp in a tweet saying, “My great friend Michael Cera not only is a brilliant actor, he also makes great music.”

Although not quite a Beyonce-level surprise, Cera's first solo venture featuring 18 tracks of lo-fi indie tunes is still a surprise.

The home-recorded album “true that” features charming tunes with names like "Gershy's Kiss," and "Old Grey Whistle."

Staying true to his subtle comedic charm the only biographical information included with the album is, “Michael Cera was born in Canada in 1988 at the tender age of zero.”

It’s not Cera’s first brush with music, the Canadian actor/musician played live with indie group Mister Heavenly in 2010, added  vocals and guitar to Weezer’s Hurley and composed most of the music for the romantic comedy Paper Heart.