The inquest heard that late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen had felt overwhelmed by the recent death of his mother, was under intense work stress and had a history of self-harm. ((Daniele La Monac/Reuters))

A British coroner has ruled that Alexander McQueen's death in February was a suicide, with the British fashion designer taking a combination of drugs before hanging himself.

Coroner Paul Knapman said Wednesday that the 40-year-old took a mix of cocaine, sleeping pills and tranquillizers.

The provocative, edgy designer, whose full name was Lee Alexander McQueen, "killed himself while the balance of his mind was disturbed," Knapman said.

"No doubt fuelled by cocaine, he resorted to desperate measures to end his life."

The coroner's inquest heard that McQueen had been overwhelmed with grief at the death of his mother earlier in February, was feeling intense pressure in his work and also had a "history of self-harm."

During the inquest, the first half of which began in February, McQueen's psychiatrist Dr. Stephen Pereira revealed that the designer — who had attempted suicide by drug overdose twice in 2009 — had been diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder.

McQueen's body was found in his London flat on Feb. 11, on the eve of his mother's funeral.

A statement from McQueen's family said the inquest had "obviously been very difficult for the family as we are still coming to terms with the loss of Lee in such tragic circumstances."

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