Paul McCartney, shown performing in Halifax in 2009, has left EMI and struck an album deal with the U.S. label Concord Music Group. ((CBC))

Paul McCartney is reissuing his back catalogue of solo material and albums from his time with Wings on a label based in California.

"I'm always looking for new ways and opportunities to get my music to people," McCartney said late Tuesday.

The Concord Music Group will distribute the albums in CD form and online.

The move is a slap in the face for his old label, EMI, which had been his artistic home since the early days of the Beatles.

The singer-songwriter had been complaining about the way artists are treated at EMI, starting in 2007 when the label was bought by a private-equity firm, Terra Firma. The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Radiohead have also left the label.

In February, the ex-Beatle regained control of the albums he had produced between 1970 and 2006 from EMI.

Nil from EMI

The 67-year-old singer hasn't had a new release with EMI since the label was bought. His new deal with Concord means he has turned over about two dozen albums from his post-Beatle career.

He put out a new CD, Memory Almost Full, in 2007 in a joint deal with Starbucks and Concord, which also released his live album, Good Evening New York City, two years later.

In his announcement, McCartney said he likes working with Concord and has "enjoyed our mutual love of music."

The announcement coincides with the 40th anniversary of McCartney's first solo album outside of the Beatles. The album  McCartney contained the hit single, Maybe I'm Amazed.

Concord says its reissue program will kick off in August with the re-release of 1973's  Band On the Run by Wings.