YouTube has become the biggest comedy club in the world – just ask YouTube superstar, Canadian Matthew Santoro.

With more than 2-million subscribers to his comedy channel – featuring such videos as 10 Apocalyptic Events That Could End the World and 50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind – Santoro can boast to being one of YouTube's biggest stars.

It's for that reason that Santoro, and other big YouTube comedians, have been invited to a special comedy project on the sidelines of Montreal's Just for Laughs comedy festival.

David Brown

Google Canada's David Brown says the project is about forming mutually beneficial partnerships between traditional and digital comedians. (CBC News)

For the first time ever, YouTube, in partnership with Just for Laughs, has set up a special pop up lab to bring YouTube stars and traditional comedians together to create new video content.

Some of the results will be showcased in a special digital comedy event Saturday night at Just For Laughs.

Google Canada's David Brown says it's about forming mutually beneficial relationships.

"When Matthew Santoro, for instance, uploads a video and it goes out to the some 2 million people that are subscribed to his channel, that is a great opportunity for both himself as well as some of the traditional comics to take advantage of." 

Santoro, it seems, has enough fortune to spread around. In an interview with CBC News he revealed that he makes more money posting one video a week than he did as a full-time accountant.

In the above video, he and comedian Sabrina Jalees reveal how much money YouTube stars can make.

Deana Sumanac will have the whole story Saturday on The National.