Salesman John Verhoek closes the hood on KITT, the talking muscle car from the 1980s show Knight Rider, which is for sale in Dublin, Calif. ((Cindi Christie/Contra Costa Times/Associated Press))

A California dealership specializing in hot rods and muscle cars is offering a piece of 1980s TV kitsch for sale: the black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am from Knight Rider.

The sleek two-door coupe is one of four "camera cars" that was used for close-up shots and scenes of series star David Hasselhoff conversing with his artificially intelligent vehicle/co-star KITT, short for Knight Industries Two Thousand. The car was voiced by actor William Daniels.

The series, which ran from 1982 to 1986, starred Hasselhoff as crime-fighter Michael Knight, and featured the heroic sports car helping to foil evildoers by jumping across rivers, rocketing to speeds of 300 mph and ejecting flares, tear gas, smoke bombs or oil slicks.

The real Trans Am, of course, cannot perform any of those feats, but fans of the '80s series will be happy to note that the car's scanner light on the tip of its hood and the modified dashboard full of buttons have been configured to glow just as they did on the show.

Kassabian Motors — which specializes in selling pre-owned high-performance cars like Corvettes, Camaros and Mustangs — is currently displaying the modified Trans Am and offering it for $149,995 US on behalf of owner Tim Russo, who purchased the car at an auction a decade ago and has restored the car to its original glory.

According to the Dublin, Calif., dealership's John Verhoek, the car cannotbe legally driven because of its modifications.

Verhoek said he expects the car will be bought by a museum or private individual for a collection.

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