Despite being busy with solo projects, The Kids in the Hall still carve out time to take the stage together.

Two decades after their eponymous show concluded its run on Canadian television, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson periodically reunite for a variety of reasons, from tours to comedy fest gigs to their 2010 miniseries Death Comes to Town.

On Tuesday night, the Kids are back to present a live reading of their cult hit 1996 film Brain Candy (with musical accompaniment from Craig Northey of The Odds and Sloan's Chris Murphy and Gregory MacDonald) as part of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival.

"It's just fun now," McKinney told CBC News.

"Only with age do you understand that something is kind of rich," McCulloch added. "That's why we're still doing it and we keep doing it."

In the attached video, McKinney and McCulloch talk to CBC's Laura Thompson about the enduring appeal of Brain Candy and why the Kids enjoy reuniting.