Renowned Canadian sculptor Joe Fafard and his son, Juno-nominated roots musician Joël Fafard, are blending sculpture and live music in an uncommon tour across Canada this fall.

The elder Farfard — an officer of the Order of Canada and celebrated artist best known for his life-sized bronzes of cows, horses and other animals — admitted he wasn't sure how the joint venture would work at first, but that he was willing to entertain the idea of trying something different.

What has developed is a combined concert and visual arts show. The touring event highlights new sculptures by Fafard senior and live performances of songs from Borrowed Horses, the latest album by the younger Fafard and his musical colleague Joel Schwartz.

"We're bringing sculptures into venues where sculptures rarely go. And we're bringing music perhaps to people who would come to see the sculptures, but who maybe wouldn't go to hear the music. We're doing something for each other’s audience," Joe Fafard told CBC News.

"Art is really for humans, for people, in a situation where people can come into contact with it. It's not about snobbishness. It's about the common lives we live."

After performances in their home province of Saskatchewan, as well as in Alberta, B.C. and Manitoba, the pair are now tackling shows in Ontario and Quebec for the rest of November.

In the attached video, elder and junior Fafard talk to CBC's Nigel Hunt about their touring show A Tune to Art: Sculpture and Song.