Beyond holiday carolling classics like Deck the Halls or Santa Claus is Coming to Town lies a fascinating world of underground Christmas music.  

In the new documentary Jingle Bell Rocks, filmmaker Mitchell Kezin explores the world of alternative Christmas music, the artists behind these seasonal tracks and the devoted fans willing to search far and wide for weird, wild and choice recordings.

Both obscure artists as well as internationally known acts such as The Flaming Lips and Run DMC have put out cool, "underground" Christmas songs over the years. Kezin, who has collected these rare tracks for 30 years, anticipates sharing his latest finds with friends and family each holiday season.

"It becomes something that everyone looks forward to and it's become a ritual and tradition that I share with a lot of collectors... in my little sphere," he told CBC's Zulekha Nathoo.

Watch the attached video for more on Jingle Bell Rocks.