Kung Fu superstar Jackie Chan says his upcoming Chinese Zodiac 2012 will be his last major action movie.

Chan, 58, says at his age he can no longer continue doing the stunts that have made his movies famous. The star, who is known for his innovative moves, said he doesn't want to end his life in a wheelchair.

He wrote, directed and produced Chinese Zodiac 2012, about a man who hunts the world for the 12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac.

Chan himself plays the treasure hunter Asian Hawk – a character he originally created in the 1991 film Armour of God II: Operation Condor — who is seeking to repatriate the 12 bronzes looted from the Old Summer Palace in Beijing in the Second Opium War.

"This really, really is my baby. You know, I've been writing the script for seven years," said Chan, calling it the best role he’s played in the last 10 years.

Chan said he’s not retiring from acting, but will turn to special effects technology and stunt doubles in any future roles. He also plans to devote more time to philanthropy.

The film was shot in China, but also France, Taiwan, Vanuatu and Latvia. It is set for release Dec. 12 in China.

On Oct. 30, Chan donated replicas of the 12 bronze Zodiac heads to China to replace those that were lost from the Summer Palace in Beijing.